Store services

We have 35 stores around Finland, and of those 21 are stores and 13 self-service stores. All our stores are open 24/7. Our extensive and versatile store network allows you to pick up and purchase electro-technical products 24/7.



Our staff are available at our stores on weekdays from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You can visit our stores in the evenings and at night and through the weekend using a PDA device.

All stores in Rexel’s network are open 24/7.


Self-service Stores

Our self-service stores are open 24 hours/day. Once customers have been granted the user right, they will receive an access code to enter the store. The account manager will give the customer thorough instructions on how to use the PDA device and operate in the self-service store.


Store contact details

Rexel store’s contact details are available here >>

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