Rexel Van is an electronics store in a van

Rexal Van is a concept for today and the future! It significantly improves the efficiency of traditional electronics and maintenance vans’ operations in our sector.

In Rexel Van, you withdraw goods from the van digitally using your smart phone, and the user can forget all about paper notes. The system sends an automatic email report of goods withdrawals daily and, based on that, it is easy to take care of billing and cost monitoring.


Rexel Van takes care of its own replenishment

Rexel Van is also automatically replenished – it makes replenishment orders based on order points and consumption! No one needs to spend time calculating replenishment requirements and placing orders. The Rexel Van system calculates for you the replenishment requirements, places the order and ensures that the goods are delivered at the right time.

As the icing on the cake, Rexel Van's replenishment orders are delivered in van-specific boxes, so you do not need to look for the goods in the Rexel store selected as the replenishment point; instead, the replenishment order is delivered in a clearly marked box. The replenishments can be picked up 24/7 – Rexel Stores are after all open 24 h.

Come and find out more and get yourself a Rexel Van!


Further information

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