Added value from Rexel's services

Rexel Finland Oy is an innovative, leading electrical material distributor in Finland. We offer an extensive selection of customer-driven services for electrical material distribution as well as providing solutions for diverse lighting and renewable energy projects.


Rexel Van - Electronics store in a van

Rexel Van is an electronics store in a van. Rexel Van product withdrawals are digital and replenishments are automatically delivered in van-specific packages. Rexel Van is a digitalised service van to meet the needs of contracting and service operations. Rexel Van offers real-time data on the products and goods in the van. The content of the van is automatically replenished based on stock withdrawals. Read more >>


Nonstop On-Site Warehouse – Warehouse solution from Rexel for all your needs!

We can set up a Nonstop On-Site Warehouse anywhere where goods are needed. The warehouse is opened in the customer's own premises, and its product range with its contract prices is defined according to location-specific needs and requirements. The superior availability of goods can be guaranteed because the warehouse is replenished automatically through Rexel’s IT systems and processes. You can check the balance of your On-Site Warehouse in Rexel's online store. Read more >>


Rexel Kandela – Complete lighting solution

Kandela is Rexel’s comprehensive lighting solution for companies to facilitate their lighting-related energy efficiency projects. Our experts are able to design customised, energy-efficient solutions according to your specific needs. We carry out projects in collaboration with our extensive network of partners. Read more >>


Engine services – Cost-effective comprehensive solution

Rexel offers its customers comprehensive and extensive engine services. Rexel Motorfit offers long-term energy planning for production plants and properties so responds today to tomorrow’s growing demands. Motorfit is an investment, which quickly pays itself back. This engine service concept delivered together with ABB allows us to offer our customers configured engines to meet their specific needs even at short notice. Read more >>


Solar power – Easy solar power solutions for properties

The sun offers freely available and clean energy, which can be utilised for lighting and heating purposes. Even on a cloudy day, the light reaching the surface of the Earth can be harnessed for power generation. Rexel’s expert organisation will help you find the right solution to meet your needs. Solar power is a choice for a cleaner environment. Read more >>


Industrial automation – Comprehensive solutions from Rexel        

Well-functioning industrial automation works as the centralised tool for the entire factory’s process operations. A correctly implemented automation package reduces energy consumption and lowers production costs. Rexel’s solutions cover all industrial automation sectors. In addition to goods deliveries, we support our customers through every stage of the process from planning to result monitoring. Read more >>


Store – Open 24/7

We have 22 stores across Finland, which are open 24/7 for our subscribing customers. Our staff are available at our stores on weekdays from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You can visit our stores in the evenings and at night and through the weekend using a PDA device. Furthermore, our 13 self-service outlets allow you to pick up and purchase electro-technical products 24/7. Read more >>


Contact Center

Our Contact Center staff will help you with any enquiries regarding products, order placement, deliveries and Rexel's services. Their iron-clad professionalism stems from a high level of technical expertise, extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of our product range. Just pick up your phone to reach all our services. Our Contact Center staff are sure to deal with your enquiry and will get in touch with all the necessary contacts. Read more >>


Finance solution

Rexel Finance Solution gives a new dimension to our customers’ business operations. It allows our customers to create more sales opportunities and to increase their competitiveness. Rexel Finance is a real turnkey solution, which helps our customers increase their turnover and improve their margins. Read more >>